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Green Laser Diodes for Laser Levelling Instruments and Distance Measurement Devices
Publish:Shenzhen KOLO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd  Time:2016-01-13
The PLT5 510 from Osram Opto Semiconductors has a wavelength of 515nm and achieves power levels of up to 10mW.

Laser diodes in the red spectral range can be used in laser distance measurement devices that are based on the phase shift principle. These laser diodes are operated with a very high modulation bandwidth, which is why DPSS lasers in the green spectral range are not suitable.
The PLT5 is an inexpensive 10mW laser diode that makes this application possible. Its green laser light - with a wavelength of 515nm - is more advantageous than red light because the human eye can see green light far better than red light.
A further advantage is the user-friendly TO-56 housing with an integrated monitor photodiode which allows stable operation up to 60°C.
This operating temperature is also suited for laser levelling instruments for tasks that can be performed both indoors and outdoors under direct sunlight.
Further application fields include: pilot lasers, laser projectors, laser shows, biomedical and medical technology, and measurement technology.
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