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Name:ICUBE 10000 RGB
Category:ICUBE RGB Laser
Product Features:
1. Compliance with CE and ROHS certificates.                                      
2. IP52 compact housing with dust-proof and sealed construction.                                     
3. Each diode has Pangolin LASORB protected.           
4. Daisy chain of emergency STOP signal for multiple system "one-hit" operation.                      
5. Temperature controlled fan implemented.                                               
6. Full diode technology with our patented driver: Fading behavior and color balance will be exactly the same for each unit with same power.                   
7. Easy control functions: There are adjusting knobs for R G B brightness and X Y size and invert.
Description Vedio
型号 ICUBE 8800 RGB ICUBE 10000 RGB ICUBE 15000 RGB
Laser power (R|G|B)                激光功率 (红|绿|蓝)      2000mw | 2000mw | 4200mW 2500mW | 2500mW | 5500mW 4000mW  |4000mW | 7000mW
Wavelength                 激光波长 R/638nm, G/520nm, B/445nm
Total output power        激光总功率 8200mW 10500mW 15000mW
R/G/B Beam Size           光斑大小 <6*5mm
R/G/B Beam divergence    光斑发散角 <1.2mrad
Control mode             控制模式 ILDA (Default); 单独ILDA电脑控制(默认控制)
Pangolin FB4 with ethernet, SD card, ILDA and DMX (Optional);美国穿山甲FB4控制程序,支持网线连接,SD卡存储节目,ILDA和DMX(可选)
Scanner                       振镜系统 GT50 scanning system, 35Kpps scanner@ILDA 8°, 60°max scan angle
Cooling                      散热系统 Air cooled laser /Peltier TEC cooling
Dimension (mm)                 机器尺寸(mm) 356*276*183
Net Weight(kg)           净重(KG) 14
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